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VersiCell™ Water Drainage Systems & Percolation Tanks


Tournesol Siteworks of Hayward, CA is now distributing Root Solutions and VersiCell. Please contact them directly for purchasing information.

  • High Strength

  • 100% Recycled Plastic

  • Modular Water Drainage Systems

  • Eco Friendly

VersicCell Drainage Systems



City developers and landscape architects have used VersiCell for years to solve the complexities of subterranean water drainage, movement and storage on a wide variety of city works projects, wells, home fountains and other water systems.


These high compressive strength tanks are used as a soak-away systems for rainwater from roofs, parking areas, driveways, playgrounds, sports fields and arenas and other surfaces.




VersiCell Percolation Tank, Punggol


VersiCell Percolation Tank, Punggol


Calpers Head Quarters, Sacramento, California


Calpers Head Quarters, Sacramento, California


Over 100,000 sq. ft. of Landscape Deck, Sacramento, California, USA


Here are just some of the many applications of VersiCell®


Drainage or Soak Away System

The tanks are fabricated with VersiCell® modules and stabilizers. These high compressive strength tanks are used as a soak-away or drainage system for rainwater from roofs and other surfaces such as parking areas, driveways, playgrounds and sports areas.


Filtration Tank Installation
15 cubic meter


VersiCell modules are easily interlocked in the same plane or at right angles to one another perfect for easy use in any application. Pre assembled tanks installed by two men in 4 hours.


Easy Installation




VersiCell drainage cell is a lightweight interlocking plastic structural module used for sub-surface drainage or to form tanks for underground water percolation systems.

See examples





VersiCell's porous geo-textile construction is perfect for subsurface drainage in planter applications, decks, green-roof applications and other percolation systems. When installed over a waterproof membrane, VersiCell performs the task of a drainage layer while eliminating the need for an additional protective layer.


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