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VersiCell® Installation Instructions


Horizontal Applications: Decks, roofs, planters, patios, podiums.


1) The waterproofing installation shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.


2) Lay VersiCell modules together over waterproofing membrane layer. Modules may be simply abutted, without using the locking feature. At the outer edges of the area, the modules should be cut to shape leaving a space of approximately an inch along the edge. (modules may be easily cut using a hand saw or snippers)


3) Roll the geotextile specified over the VersiCell modules ensuring a minimum overlap of 4 inches. Turn up the edges and secure with adhesive tape or other adhesives such as 3M.


4) Place about 2 inches of blinding sand layer over the geotextile (this is recommended to act as a primary filter layer and protect the geotextile from clogging)


5) Add planting soil to required grade and install landscape planting as required.


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