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VersiCell Features & Advantages


Advantages to Specifying VersiCell & VersiTank


Design Flexibility

Greater design flexibility as the modules may be interlocked in one plane or at right angles to one another to form continuous large panels, conduits and tanks.


Easy Installation

Large pre-assembled panels allow rapid installation and minimize on-site disruption.


Environmentally Friendly

VersiCell® is manufactured from high strength recycled plastics.


Lightweight and High Strength

Cellular design is lightweight and has high compressive strength.


Durable Construction

VersiCell® is resistant to biological attack and to a wide range of soil-borne chemicals.



High surface void area and internal void volume result in efficient water capture and discharge rates. Narrow profile enables a greater soil depth to be utilized in planter beds allowing the use of a wider variety of landscape plants to control deep root growth.


VersiCell Features

Excellent Absorption Rate

VersiCell has a 98% void area to total surface and the highest possible absorption rate anywhere along the module, ensuring continuous discharge.


No Gravel Needed

No gravel is needed with VersiCell, making it ideal for roof gardens, podiums and planters.


Advanced Design

VersiCell is designed and engineered by the same company whose clientele include NASA and the US Navy.


VersiCell is the state-of-the-art molded thermoplastic modular drainage system. VersiCell is specifically constructed and developed to solve the complexities of subterranean water movement.


Maintenance Free

VersiCell's simple, patented design provides a permanent, efficient and maintenance free drainage system at a low installed cost.



The single most important function of any subsoil drain is its permeability. VersiCell has been designed with maximized void area in contact with the soil in both vertical and horizontal applications. High infiltration rates are achieved providing unparalleled inflow and discharge performance.


Strength & Drainage Capacity

The inherent strength and drainage capacity of VersiCell make it ideal for underground structures such as tunnels, retaining walls, bridge abutments and earth covered roof slabs, as well as landscaping and broad acre drainage.


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