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Vespro Underground Percolation Tank

  • Control Storm Water Flow

  • Underground Water Storage

  • Control Water Absorption Rate into Soil

  • Modular Storm Drainage Water Systems


The expansion of urban and industrial development has generated large areas of impermeable surfaces such as roofs, car parks, playgrounds and roads. As a consequence, storm water run-off increases substantially resulting in flooding and the discharge of pollutants into streams, rivers ocean outlets and storage systems.

VersiTank underground water percolation drainage system.

Conventional drainage systems involve conveying rainwater run-off urban areas via channels and pipe systems to storage or discharge outlet points. These drainage systems involve high installation and maintenance costs and are neither efficient nor effective methods of dealing with high volumes of polluted water discharging from impervious surfaces.


VersiTank is high strength, modular storm water infiltration / storage tank made using recycled polypropylene material.


VersiTank offers architects, engineers and developers and efficient and cost effective sub-surface alternatives to conventional methods for storm water management by:


VersiTank units have the capacity to cater for run-off from individual houses up to the largest commercial and industrial development projects and can be tailored to suit specific requirements of each site.


VersiTank units are easily assembled on-site by clipping together lightweight, high compressive strength interlocking panels. Assembled units can be interlocked thereby ensuring that the system remains stable under trafficable or high weight being load areas.

VersiTank underground water drainage infiltration system.

Assembled VersiTank units, when enveloped with a permeable geotextile or filter fabric, allow storm water stored within the tank void, to be discharged into the surrounding soil and via controlled release to connected storm water pipes. The inherent run-off and soil infiltration rates must be determined to calculate the number of VersiTank units require.


VersiTank units may be enveloped in an impervious membrane to allow for the detention of temporary storage of storm water, where soil conditions do not permit discharge into the surrounding soil, stored water is released via a connected storm water pipe incorporating a flow control valve, or re-used, subject to local environmental regulations.


VersiTank units must be installed to engineering specifications and must be used in conjunction with an in-line proprietary leave and silt trap system or other recommended filtering units.



  • Sub-grade storm water infiltration system when encased with geotextile

  • Sub-grade water storage system when enveloped with a water proof membrane



  • Storage of water run-off for re-use

  • Eco-friendly - manufactured from recycled plastics

  • Improved drainage of landscaped areas

  • On-site retention and detention of storm water

  • At source treatment of storm water

  • Water infiltration into and re-charging of sub-soil

  • Mitigation of downstream flooding

  • Low cost compared to conventional systems

  • Reduced water logging enhances plant growth

  • Cost effective alternative to landscaped bio-swales and retention ponds

  • Optimum site utilization



  • High compressive strength allows use under trafficable areas

  • Handles volume requirements

  • Easy assembly of panels and installation of units

  • Interlock vertically and horizontally giving maximum stability

  • Supports US LEED™ credits: SS 5.1, SS 6.1, SS 6.2 and MR 4.1

  • Less costly than bio-swales, retention ponds, concrete and metal storage systems

  • No surface water storage hazards


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