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Root Solutions - Root Barriers


Tournesol Siteworks of Hayward, CA is now distributing Root Solutions and VersiCell. Please contact them directly for purchasing information.


LEEDS Certification

Root barriers can save cities millions of dollars in unnecessary costs.
Curb damage along Fifth Ave. in San Rafael California

It's easy to see why city planners and architects should specify Vespro!


Root Barriers are manufactured of 100% recycled polyethylene. Panels are connected by means of a patented design integral male/female sliding locks.

See de Young Museum 60” install

See easy assembly steps here

Professional Root Barrier and Root Guides to protect from tree root growth.

Root barriers are used to deflect tree roots downward as they grow, protecting city sidewalks, parking structures, nature walks and other city planning applications.

Control root growth to prevent damage to city planning projects.

The root barriers come in circular and square styles and in many sizes.

Excellent for use in the planting of new trees, to prevent the uncontrollable spread of tree roots, following root pruning, to protect land and hardscapes from root damage.
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