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Linear Root Barrier


Consult the Barrier Panel Computation page for the appropriate size of planter.

Choose the barrier depth that will offer the best protection.


  • The hardscape to be protected

  • Distance from surrounding trees

  • The aggressiveness of the tree or vegetation

  • Rooting depth of the tree(s).

Panels are regularly available in depths of 12,18" and 24" but Root Solutions will produce custom panels of any depth upon request. A simple rule of thumb to calculate the length of barrier required for linear protection is to estimate the width of the tree canopy at maturity above the installation location and add 2'.


Placing the top of the barrier against the hardscape is not recommended as surface roots diverted down at this point may still put pressure on the hardscape as they expand in girth.


Where hardscape is likely to come into contact with buttress roots, we recommend that a 4"- 6" space be left between the top of the panel and the hardscape.


IMPORTANT: Linear Installation Tips:

  1. The barrier should be installed vertically, or if conditions allow, with the top inclined towards the tree, NEVER with the top inclined away from the tree as this will encourage upward growth of roots.

  2. The barrier MUST be installed with root guiding ribs facing towards the roots.

  3. GRADIENTS: It is VERY IMPORTANT that the panels are installed with tops HORIZONTAL and the root guiding ribs are therefore VERTICAL. If necessary, the panels should be 'Stepped' and the tops trimmed above grade after installation. Root guides which are not vertical can guide roots upwards as well as downwards.

  4. Install barrier with top above grade, do not allow space for root overgrowth.


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