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Circular Root Barrier


Consult the Barrier Panel Computation page for the appropriate size of planter.


To install:

  1. Dig a circular hole approximately 8" in diameter larger than the planter diameter and 12" deeper.

  2. Refill (with amendments if necessary) and recompact the bottom 12.

  3. Place the assembled planter centrally in the hole.
    IMPORTANT: The root guiding ribs MUST be facing the root ball to prevent root girdling and encourage growth downward).

  4. The top of the planter should be level and approximately half an inch above the finish grade (This is to prevent roots growing over the barrier).

  5. Fill the planter and hole to the bottom of the root ball depth inside and outside the planter (314" minimum crushed rock is preferred for the area outside the planter).

  6. Place the prepared root ball in the center of the planter (the crown of the root ball should be about 1/2" above the top of the planter).

  7. Refill with soil inside and rock outside, compacting every 6". Take care to fill inside and outside the planter evenly to avoid distorting the planter.

  8. Proper watering and maintenance practices following planting, should ensure a healthy tree which does not come into conflict with the surrounding hardscape.


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