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Urban Development Projects


VersiCell Applications:


Stanford University Medical Center, Davis, California, USA

The architects at Stanford University Hospital, USA, designing a new parking structure for the medical center wanted it built under a park. Originally, the sheer weight of plantings, pedestrian pathways and emergency vehicle access left engineers ready to revert to a heavy gravel layer.

VersiCell Stanford Medical Center, California
VersiCell Stanford Medical Center, California

The introduction of VersiCell provided a drainage layer with sufficient compressive strength to withstand both the construction equipment, planting and projected traffic over the completely concealed parking structure.


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Turf Pave Applications: Tea Gardens: NSW - Singapore

TurfPave installation Clearwater
TurfPave Boat Docks in Australia

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Nordrain / VersiCell Applications: Costa Rhu Condominiums, Singapore

Costa Rhu uses Nordrian
Costa Rhu installation

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