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Deep Root Control Root Barriers


Root Solutions root barriers are used to deflect a tree root's deep root growth downward as they grow. Roots of trees, over time can cause damage to sidewalks, streets and other urban development projects.


The spread of roots following root pruning and to protect land and hardscapes from root damage. Excellent for use in the planting of new trees in city works projects.


Urban developers and city planners have perferred using Root Solutions root barriers over Deep Root for years. For commercial purposes Vespro is a more durable and long lasting product compared to Deep Root root barriers. to protect the longevity of their city works projects and their reputations.

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Common Uses:

  • Control Deep Root Growth

  • Prevent Damage from Tree Root Growth

  • Planting Solution for City Planners


Why specify Root Solutions root barriers?

Advantages of Root Solutions root barriers?


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