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Why Make Compost


Composting is a fun and exciting hobby that is good for the environment, provides the best natural fertilizer you can find as well as cutting down or waste around your house or business. Composting is a great 1st step in becoming a more self-sufficient and green world.


Moreover, as the population increases, space is running out and landfills are filling up every second of everyday. Everything we put in the trash ends up at a landfill. Landfills are practically exhausted, so everyone needs to do what we can to help.


If you have a yard, garden, field or allotment you can make your own earth, COMPOST. Once you have an E.R.Composter the rest is easy and does not cost anything past the initial small investment. All your garden waste and nearly all your kitchen waste can be disposed of in your E.R.Composter to make your own all-natural garden fertilizer for years to come.


The benefits are great. For example if you enjoy fresh vegetables (there is nothing like home grown produce) greener more healthy lawn and grass as well as healtier plants, flowers and bushes.


Compost can be used in a variety of ways that enhances your garden or lawn. Making compost is not difficult, quite the contrary it’s FUN and can be a continuous process year round. You will find the more composting you do, the better at it you will get. Not only will you be helping yourself but you will be making a significant impact on the environment!

E.R.Composter, the best in backyard and garden composters!

See the E.R.Composter in action!


We are also proud partners with the EcoMom Alliance. Please visit their website to see the ways they are helping protect the world for a brighter tomorrow and also special member offers!

The Eco Mom Alliance, working for environmentally friendly future.

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