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Tips & Tricks of Making Compost


There is plenty of information on how to make compost from both the scientific and technical data point of view. But we say keep it simple!


Making compost is a great way of helping the environment by disposing of your yard and kitchen waste in an E.R.Composter.


Instead of sending your biodegradible kitchen and yard waste to the dump, select a suitable location in your garden for your E.R.Composter and start filling it with organic waste.


Over a period of time as you layer the waste, the materials degrade into the best gardening compost available.


Suitable composting materials include leaves, grass cuttings, vegetable peelings, fruit waste and other disposable foods. Just send them to the composter!


E.R.Composter, the best in backyard and garden composters!

See the E.R.Composter in action!


We are also proud partners with the EcoMom Alliance. Please visit their website to see the ways they are helping protect the world for a brighter tomorrow and also special member offers!

The Eco Mom Alliance, working for environmentally friendly future.

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