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Assemble the E.R. Composter & Root Barriers


* Assembly of the E.R. Composter and root barriers / guides are exactly the same and just as easy!




  • With the E.R. Composter you can be composting in minutes!

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene plastic

  • Available in two sizes, (Junior & Standard)

  • Composters come neatly packaged
    Only 12 lbs. - 25" x 31" x 2"

  • Light-weight, durable & easy to assemble




  • Cut out hand grips for easy portability

  • Each of the panels slide easily into each other

  • Standard composters have 13cu. ft. capacity

  • Junior composters have 7cu. ft. capacity

  • Composters can be made larger by adding more panels.




  • Compost bins have UV inhibitors built in for protection

  • Once the composter is assembled, place in designated spot in your garden

  • It's easy as A.B.C. - Always Be Composting!

  • Some useful hints - Build your pile in layers - See the composting pages for more tips and information


  • More browns (carbons) than greens (nitrogens)

  • Meat and fish scraps, dairy and other fats are not good for the pile as they attract unwanted visitors

  • The MORE you compost the LESS you send to the landfill.

Get your E.R. Composter and start composting today!


See the E.R.Composter in action!




E.R.Composter, the best in backyard and garden composters!

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